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Related health issues is actually given equivalent combos out-of flowers

Related health issues is actually given equivalent combos out-of flowers

In spite of the type in plant knowledge you to definitely is available during the ethnobotanical data, i discovered that Dominicans’ ethnoclassification out-of health conditions in line with the usage of bush mixtures corresponds rather well on the biomedical taxonomy of these conditions. Two constraints of the newest study was you to just flowers made use of during the combinations have been taken into consideration which the research was restricted to 10 health conditions which were seem to treated with mixes. And additionally solitary plant remedies and much more health problems tends to produce an even more comprehensive understanding of the brand new “emic” (Dominican) category regarding illnesses. After that research has in order to clarify the causes trailing the fresh new transnational and you can lay-versus-pro relevant distinctions that were observed in this new clustering away from wellness criteria in sounding reproductive and genitourinary wellness. Among the many groups one groups work, monthly period issues, sterility, sexually transmitted infection and you can vaginal problems directly along with her may be associated for the usage of flowers if you wish to help you “wash the fresh bloodstream” (limpiar la sangre), a concept that is well-known for the Dominican ethnomedicine. Simultaneously, plants familiar with get rid of renal dilemmas might have been picked by local people according to the diuretic qualities, whereas herbs for symptoms of asthma, bronchitis or any other breathing conditions could be preferred for their power to eliminate phlegm (“botar flema”) and/or fix new beautiful-cooler harmony of one’s human anatomy (Brendbekken, 1998).


The present research reveals the benefits, complexity and you may variability regarding bush blends inside the Dominican ethnomedicine. (далее…)