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Spiritual Groups’ Specialized Positions into Same-Gender Marriage

Spiritual Groups’ Specialized Positions into Same-Gender Marriage

Recently, same-gender marriage has been a contentious topic within this of several spiritual organizations throughout the You.S. Is an introduction to in which 16 religious communities get up on this matter.

Western Baptist Church buildings Usa

From inside the 2005, the new governing human body of the American Baptist Churches Us affirmed you to definitely “God’s structure to own intimate intimacy urban centers it within the perspective out-of relationships anywhere between one man and one girl” hence “homosexuality is actually incompatible having Biblical practise.” From inside the 2006, the brand new church’s Pacific Southwest regional board (which has church buildings inside California, Hawaii, Nevada and you may Arizona) separated regarding denomination due to the fact denomination’s federal leaders declined to help you discipline congregations one to welcomed publicly homosexual players.


There is absolutely no common Buddhist position into the same-intercourse matrimony. Centered on certain interpretations of your Buddha’s instruction, one of many ten low-virtuous deeds conducive so you can distress is actually “sexual misconduct.” So it term is generally knew to mention primarily so you can adultery. (далее…)