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West Finland try influenced by Swedish-Germanic tradition

West Finland try influenced by Swedish-Germanic tradition

The differences ranging from marriage lifestyle in eastern and you may western Finland was because of the ways and times brand new church wedding party is adapted for the regional custom. In east Finland, especially Karelia, a beneficial Russian influence produced variations. In the eastern Finland the marriage is actually a family group celebration, during western Finland it actually was a period in the event that families of your bridegroom and bride been able to show their reputation towards other countries in the community community. It second lifestyle survives most firmly in the traditional grand matrimony found in Ostrobothnia.

Many of the dated way of life were preserved, even in the event church wedding events just weren’t common for the 1960’s and you can 1970’s whenever a municipal relationships was normal one of the more youthful. Partners who stayed together when you look at the civic wedding consistently now consecrate their relationship within the chapel into arrival of its boy. Even though relationships has shed the social and you can official advantages, chapel wedding parties experienced a separate renewal.

Following Matrimony

The fresh new bride’s dowry is both the main relationship parade. They consisted of personal possessions (systems, a bed, chest), clothing, currency and animals (cattle, an excellent sheep). During the western Finland a good dowry is actually thought to be the girl’s share of your family genetics. Within the east Finland it actually was their complete inheritance.

It absolutely was standard towards the young girlfriend to return a couple of days after the relationship so you can her mothers getting 3-four weeks. (далее…)