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We totally luv your letter want to him an informed to have his future dramas W making lovers

We totally luv your letter want to him an informed to have his future dramas W making lovers

LEE JONG SUK IS BAE <3 hahaha for the first time I got really interested in korean dramas specially when I got to see the movie W gosh it was so great. If it wasn’t because of my friends i wouldn’t addicted to Lee Jong Suk. His the one who made me love Korean Dramas and I’m really thankful for that. I wish that someday when I have a job and I have a money I would really love to visit in Korea and hope to see you that is one of my goals to be achieved. But since I live here in Philippines and particularly still a grade 9 student I’am really eager to see you soon. For me your the most handsome boy I’ve ever seen and the best actor too which I’ve seen so far.

I hope you won’t change (being sincere and sweet) and still meet your fans when you walk on the streets. <3 I really hope I can meet you soon! Wait for me, Jong Suk. <333 hahahaha

Brand new waiting is beneficial while the all the drama I spotted you when you look at the is great and you will memorable. Actually my das to you with it.

Thumbs up having my personal love, you probably did a fantastic job!

You are for example a talent Lee Jong Suk! You give so much fairness towards characters you are portraying. You may have this most enticing and you will charismatic look. Their pretending is really swinging, I’d even cry the complete nights becoming very effected!I hope and you can hope observe more of you from inside the video and tv collection. Excite started and you will visit your admirers in the latest Philippines too. Approach to take Mr.LJS.

Just after watching W I-come to enjoy him and wade gaga over your. They are really precious with his browse is difficult overcome, their trademark smirk, the way the guy lookup and you may manage face terms and his separated mouth, they results in their addictive research. The guy looks good in virtually any dress (truthfully it can be burdensome for your tanning their surface as it is white as accumulated snow. Of many celeb men star like him was light but he is new whitest among all of the) . I’m harmful to him receiving armed forces enlistment What i’m saying is he’s going to go away for many years.. we shall naturally skip your seeing and undertaking dramas 🙁

We might like to inform you how liked you’re right here!

The such a talent Mr Lee 🙂 you’re charismatic and all sorts of. W is such a lovely you to (it made me cry and https://www.datingranking.net/escort-directory/hayward/ you may Gigle at the same time) provide justice to the character (Kang Chul) We salute your. (далее…)