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OFL exclusive offers — Check all of them

OFL exclusive offers — Check all of them

Even though now one of the top dating sites, it is aiming to become the best dating site considering the new dating method of creating fun date ideas when on a speed date.

New members from different age groups can get online dating advice from the various reviews of members who have benefitted greatly from the site.

You are charged a membership fee month which gives you the ability to search through dates and earn a free date.

Another payment option to take advantage of is paying per date based on the date that you choose. The membership fees are as follows:

  • One month = $ each month
  • Three months = $ each month (total $)
  • Six months = $ each month (total $)
  • One year = $8.99 each month (total $)

Since the age gap is not a determinant in relationship or dating, encouraging free membership from diverse age range will enable HowAboutWe to continue growing beyond its 10 million members mark.


Members then search through the many ideas that have been posted to find the one that appeals to them the most and well, goes out on a date once they have made a selection.

Other features include the ability to link your Facebook profile to the site, seeing who view you, the ability to read your messages, find subscribers who can message you back and check out other members’ profiles.

These features allow users to get personal information and dating advice which they can apply while creating fun date ideas.

It is advisable to be good at flirting and starting a conversation with that someone you want to have a nice time with. (далее…)