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Eli up coming tells him he enjoys and you may misses the girl

Eli up coming tells him he enjoys and you may misses the girl

Alli and you will Jenna each other give your disturb appears as well as each other gasp and you will Alli says «Oh my Jesus» whenever Eli next along with comes up, saying the guy visited Alli’s house and her parents told you she is at New Dot. Alli requires when the he could be stalking her and you can Eli rejects it, and asks their to describe his the same flowers and you can mention towards the him or her he reads aloud «Are you willing to end up being my boyfriend? XOXO Alli. Jenna believes for a moment and you may figures out you to Connor sent the fresh plants so you can one another Alli and you will Eli. Connor acknowledges he did and when Alli requires as to the reasons, he says that they are one another unfortunate and you will alone. Eli and you may Alli one another show a surprised glance since the Connor states they are the ultimate match. Eli claims he’s to acquire to their movie because the they are on the a deadline.

Alli places the lady vegetation with the Jenna and you can Connor’s desk versus a good keyword while you are Eli offers their plant life so you can a senior girl and you may brings Connor a final shine as he thoughts away. Alli consist with Jenna given that she informs him to leave.

Clare adds a beneficial breathless «Make love?

Within the Zombie (2), he’s seen working on their zombie flick whenever Connor guides during the. (далее…)