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One to explained that they used her or him when they wished sex

One to explained that they used her or him when they wished sex

She was given the contraceptive Norplant whenever she was towards the ELN:

The brand new illegal armed groups plus abduct people to deal with requirements such as for example cooking and you will washing. That origin advised Amnesty Globally, «On the neighbourhoods [out-of Medellin] this new paramilitaries was kidnapping female to get these to work for him or her. We understood from a young lady off 20 who had been kidnapped to find the girl to completely clean the outfits». According to some other informant, «It [the paramilitaries] simply take her or him aside having each week at once. They force them to carry out the washing for several men. You to definitely woman try forced to tidy attire for 20 males. This lady members of the family will not believe she try kidnapped, it is said she abandoned their youngsters». A lady regarding a poor Medellin neighbourhood advised Amnesty All over the world you to «The latest paramilitaries tell female ‘You used to be the spouse regarding an effective guerrilla, it’s simple to do my washing’.»(59)

Offer inside the Putumayo declare that moms and dads is actually bringing their dilitaries. In case your ladies don’t do what they want, it jeopardize so you can eliminate the mothers. The new FARC in your community have likewise reportedly put tension with the females. «Four girls away from college or university ran regarding to the guerrillas five months in the past. This morning it fled. They pressed these to take action before men. It gave her or him treatments that they said was in fact having birth control. They were whipped whenever they didn’t do the errands».(60)

The application of implemented birth control otherwise abortion are an admission out-of peoples rights. Girls and you can women that quit the brand new FARC plus the ELN advised Amnesty Around the globe you to definitely each other guerrilla organizations push her combatants having abortions and rehearse contraceptive, as well as people as young as twelve. «Gabriela» is 11 or several when she registered the fresh ELN and off 13 try working in treat. (далее…)